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Women's Health Week - Part 4: How to Connect to Your Inner Goddess

When I think of a woman connected to her inner goddess, the words that come to mind for me are strong, powerful, resilient, soft, creative, and happy. A woman that is connected to her inner goddess is fully embodying herself with no apologies and living her true authentic self. She is happy, radiant and living her purpose.

In our busy times it is so easy to disconnect from our feminine Yin energy. In Chinese medicine we work with the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin is feminine, soft, flexible, flowing, intuitive, creative and water. Yang is masculine, hard, results oriented, aggressive and fire. We all contain the elements of Yin and Yang within us. However in our modern age we see most people functioning only in their Yang state, and completely ignoring the Yin. There has been a misconception for a long time that in order for a women to be successful she needs to operate completely in her Yang. There is nothing wrong with accessing our Yang energy when we need to, but we need to remember to come back to the soft Yin goddess energy.

A woman not in touch with her inner goddess is stressed, fatigued, moody, frustrated, angry, living in the past, worried about the future, tightly wound and when its gone on for too long – experiencing burn out. This is not a natural healthy state for any person; all of these traits show a sign of imbalance.

A lot of these characteristics belong to the wood element in Chinese medicine. The wood element is represented by a tree. A well-nourished tree is flexible but strong, it is able to bend and flow in the direction the wind takes it but stands its ground. A malnourished tree is dry, rigid and brittle. The branches break and fall with the slightest gust of wind, it is not strong and inflexible.

The wood element contains the Liver organ system. The Liver is one of the most important organs that influence a woman’s reproductive health. If the wood element is out of balance, it will almost always express as a sign or symptom with her reproductive health (eg. difficulty conceiving, PMS, bloating, painful periods, moodiness).

When we are in touch with our inner goddess, we invite softness and ease and a flow state into our lives. This ripples out and nourishes the wood element and the Liver organ system, which can help to alleviate symptoms showing up with reproductive health.

Below are some simple steps you can take to reconnect to your feminine energy and liberate your inner goddess:

  • Connect with nature – when we are truly in nature (not a park in the middle of a city) but truly out in the wilderness, any stress or anxiety switches off and we cannot help but be blown away by the world around us. Being in the presence of Mother Nature whether it’s by the ocean or in a forest reminds us of the life giving power we also contain – however that may look. Some people can spend their whole day indoors without even taking a full conscious deep breath of fresh air outside. Make time spent in nature a sacred daily ritual even if its only 5 minutes. Take a few moments to be outside and feel the sand between your toes or the grass beneath your feet, reconnect to the wider world around you. Remember the world you contain within yourself too!

  • Move your body – one of the best ways to get out of our Yang energy and into the feminine is by moving! Through movement we get out of our heads and into our bodies and we cant help but be reminded of our feminine energy. Take some time each day to move your body in a way that makes you feel good. This could be a slow cat and cow stretch after you get out of bed, a slow dreamy yoga class, or dancing! Belly dancing or partnered dancing (salsa!) is a beautiful way to reconnect to your inner feminine goddess. See if there are some classes on near you!

  • Get creative – creativity and femininity are so closely intertwined. In our Yin energy we are receptive to new ideas, thoughts and insights that we otherwise would not have had access to functioning only in the Yang. As women we are naturally givers of life whether this is children, a new business, or a beautiful piece of artwork! We are born to create! When we get creative we move stagnant energy held in the sacral chakra that also houses our reproductive system. Take the time to nurture your creativity. This could be writing, drawing, cooking, making clothes, or throwing some paint at a blank canvas. Give your imagination permission to run wild! Click here to read about this months creative New Moon Women's Circle.

What are your favourite ways to connect to your inner goddess? How do you connect to your feminine energy? Leave your thoughts below!


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