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Are you tired of only being offered pain medication and different methods of birth control to manage painful periods? Whilst these have their place, there is so much more we can also do to address and relieve painful periods. 


This online masterclass is to help you learn how to naturally understand, address and reduce painful periods through simple, non-invasive strategies.


In this masterclass we will cover:


  • Common causes of period pain

  • Understanding period pain from a Chinese medicine perspective

  • How to work with your menstrual cycle instead of against it in relieving symptoms 

  • What lifestyle strategies can reduce period pain

  • Traditional womb wisdom practices

  • How to utilise herbal medicine and targeted supplements to reduce painful periods

  • What modalities can be supportive for painful periods

  • Information on functional testing to consider to get more answers on what may be driving your period pain


This is for you if:


  • You are experiencing chronic pelvic pain and/or cyclical period pain

  • You want to learn how to support your body better from both an eastern and western perspective

  • You have painful periods and want to learn other ways of managing symptoms

  • You are tired of scouring the internet going through often conflicting information looking for solutions

  • You're a health practitioner who wants to learn about more options to support your patients/clients with painful periods


You will walk away from this masterclass:


  • Feeling confident in understanding period pain

  • Have targeted action steps and strategies you can implement straight away to support your body

  • Feeling connected with others going through the same experiences as you 

  • Feeling like you have many more options available to you for support with period pain

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