Women's Health Week - Part 3: Eat Right For Your Fertility

Today is Day 3 of Women’s Health Week! Today we are going to dive into a topic that often leaves a lot of people confused - FOOD FOR FERTILITY. There is so much information out there it is sometimes hard to know where to begin.

Trying to conceive can already be stressful enough let alone adding the additional layer of figuring out what and how to eat. This is why I like to make it really simple with my patients; it doesn’t need to be complicated or hard at all!

The reason the food you eat when trying to fall pregnant is so important is because what you eat nourishes and fuels your body on a cellular level. Conception is so amazing because it is just two cells (and egg and sperm) joining together to create a human being, and when are you providing to your future child just one cell of your body – we want that cell to be as healthy as possible.

When women come to me for help with their fertility, our goal isn’t just to get her to fall pregnant, the goal is to strengthen and nourish her body to allow an easy conception to take place and to also get her health in the most optimum state so she can also have a healthy baby.

Thanks to growing research from embryology we know that the health of the mother and father directly impact the health of the child not only at birth, but for the rest of their lives. The state of the mother and father can directly impact the strength of the child’s immune system, mental health and predisposition to disease. The food we choose to nourish our bodies with is a key way to have a huge impact on our health.