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The Magic of New Beginnings

Today is a New Moon. A start of a new lunar cycle, and a new beginning. In my chart this New Moon correlates to my career and how I am seen in my community (you can easily look up your own chart and find out what each new moon means for you - I recommend the book Moonology by Yasmin Boland). I always look forward to the New Moon each month as a reminder for me that new possibilites, adventures and opportunities are always on the way. I like to do my own personal rituals with each New Moon as a way to acknowledge the lunar cycles and to always put my 'big picture' and goals at the forefront of my mind. Too easily days, weeks and even months can pass for us that kind of happen on auto pilot. Were we really present during that time? Or did each day just kind of happen and get ticked off without much notice? Are we working towards anything in particular or just passing time?

New Moons provide a perfect opportunity to sit down, check in and ask yourself some questions. What am I doing? Am I happy? How has this past month been? What am I working for? What am I working towards? What's my vision?

You can make the questions as specific or as broad as you like, the key is to ask questions that actually mean something for you.

By doing this each and every month it puts you in the mindset of regularly evaulating your life and circumstances and making sure you're on the exact path you want to be on, or at least heading in that direction. By doing this, months or even years won't pass where you aren't present or working on what really lights you up.

As this New Moon correlates with how I am seen in my community, I wanted to take action towards one of my goals. One of my visions for some time has been to create a safe haven for women to come together, share, learn and explore. Whether this be about health, relationships, creativity, our place in the world and so much more!

This will be a place to share, uplift, inspire, educate and thrive. This space has a big emphasis on community, discussion, and sharing is overwhelmingly encouraged.

This is for people who want to learn more about themselves, ancient wisdom and how to accelerate their health and lives from 'just getting by' to living their absolute most vibrant life possible, with the knowledge and tools they need to do so.

Launching this platform is the first step to fully actualising this goal. There is plenty more to come!

If you are unsatisfied or longing for more in any aspect of your life, you can take the steps to change it, today! And anyone who discourages you or makes you feel as if you can't bring about great change in your life, or can't achieve your dreams, or can't create a life beyond your wildest imagination, politely block that out of your radar. These people are not usually living their most vibrant lives and scared that you are taking steps to change your life while they are staying stagnant. They are on their own path and will come around when they are ready. All you need to do is focus on youself.

I hope this inspires you to realise that you can create your life exactly how you want to. You can design your life.

I see so many people who feel like their lives our out of their control or it is too late for them to turn things around.

This is not true.

You have a say! You have the control to steer your life in the direction you want, every little decision you make adds up and does count for something. You don't have to wait either, you can start now! Big changes do not happen over months or years, they happen in a moment, in the moment you decide you want something different.

Every single day has the power to be a life changing one. What will today be for you?


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