What Does Circulation Have To Do With Ovulation?

What does circulation have to do with ovulation? Well, ALOT actually.

Us period obsessed folks bang on alot about how important hormonal balance (and whole body balance) is for healthy ovulation and periods. But there is a whole other aspect to this, BLOOD FLOW & CIRCULATION.

This my friends is how our vital hormones get transported to the ovary to stimualte it to begin growing follicles, one of which will release an egg with ovualtion. And it's not just hormones getting delivered to the ovaries but also vital nutrients needed for healthy ovarian function. The quality of our ovulation can impact our cycle length and the health of our periods. So yup this is something to care about.

Our blood vessels are the rivers through which our hormones move and flow throughout the body to get to their destinations and carry out their jobs.

Poor blood flow = poor hormonal flow = poor ovulation.

Redcued blood flow to the reproductive system is A Very Real Thing and has been shown to correlate with reduced fertility and can also be a factor in long cycles with delayed ovualtion. And in our society today where desk jobs and sitting for hours at a time is the norm, our blood flow is being chronically reduced from our precious lil ovaries who are desparately craving this nourishment.