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Join leading women's health and sports experts and learn how to take charge of your health, uterus and mind!

This 5+ hour webinar is designed to provide a plethora of education, at a smidgen of the cost. You will get access to 10 women's health experts, spanning across all fields of health from athlete, TCM, naturopath, gym owners and more.

Who is speaking?

Lauren Curtain: Traditional Chinese Practitioner & Women's Health Expert.

Understanding your cycle allows you to become the expert on your own body. Learning how to track your cycle data such as blood colour, length and volume, can offer women a non-invasive and harmonious approach to healing. Blending both western and eastern knowledge, Lauren is here to teach what a normal menstrual cycle actually is.

Jessie Brebner: Fertility Awareness Educator and Founder of 'Fertility Charting'.

Sick of being told hormonal birth control is the only option when it comes to contraception? Are you searching for a natural, safe and effective birth control, without the synthetic hormones? Discover the Symptothermal Method with Jessie!

Holly Sinclair: Founder 'The Women Series' Director 'CrossCoder Sport' and Holistic Health Provider for 'Connection Based Living'.

Did you know that your poo can say a lot about you? Holly is both our fabulous host of this event and teaching, honing in on what the doctors never talk about... gut health. Why it matters and how to improve it.

Georgie Collinson: Anxiety Mindset Coach, Gut Health Expert, Naturopath & Nutritionist.

Georgie helps us understand what anxiety actually is, what influences anxiety and how we can actively support our mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Kayla Jade: PCOS Mentor and Author 'The PCOS Bible'.

When misdiagnosis and invasive options are all that are available, Kayla wants you to learn that there is hope for a holistic approach to healing from PCOS. With her personal and professional experience, Kayla will offer insight into the pitfalls of our current approach toward PCOS and what you can do about it.

Nikki Gonda: Founder of 'My Moon Box' Monthly Period Support.

Guess what? Your period doesn't have to suck or include the dreaded PMS. Nikki is going to teach you how to understand PMS, what's really causing it and actionable steps to help support your body to balance.

Kimberley Peters: Reproductive Health Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist.

Kim hopes to fix the disconnect between women and their wombs to liberate them from fertility and menstrual health disharmony.

Olivia Orchowski: Owner of 'The Lean Lab', Personal Trainer.

Spending years dealing with the broken clients from other coaches, Olivia will be touching on the not so glamorous side of bikini competitions and how you can rescue your health after doing them.

Tayla Harris: AFLW Player, Professional Boxer and Women's health advocate.

Tayla will be talking about the reality of being a women in sport, and what you can do to change the game.

Shelley Ware: Teacher, TV Host and Radio Presenter.

Having both experience as a mother and an indigenous women, Shelley shines a light on how the health system fails our indigenous communities and the importance of inclusion for all women.

What else will be covered?

  • How to improve your hormones for better health
  • PCOS and why the personal journey matters
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and its approach to the menstrual cycle harmony
  • Solving the puzzle of your PMS and hormonal imbalances
  • How to stay calm and aligned when life is busy, stressful & overwhelming.
  • Why 'dieting' is done poorly, and the impact it has on our metabolism
  • Gut health and the key impacts it has on oestrogen, ovarian function and skin
  • Symptothermal Method: what is it and how can it help with conception/natural contraception.
  • Becoming an athlete: the steps to performance anxiety and being a women in a mans arena
  • Womb nourishment: Nourishing the heart/ womb connection for conscious conception
  • Womb Massage and techniques
  • Indigenous Wellbeing: Where are we now and where should we be going?
  • + more!
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