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The Vibrant Life

The Art of Feminine Flow - 25th June 2017

We will be exploring ideas around the place for feminine energy in today's modern world and how we can find power and balance by embracing our feminine energy whenever we please.

We will be creating our own vision boards to help to clearly set intentions and express what we want to manifest in our lives.

The act of being creative, open and receptive to inspiration and new ideas is a Yin and feminine quality.  By being creative, we help to move stuck, rigid energy and get it flowing again.


If we follow the chakra principals, the sacral chakra is linked to creativity, as well as our reproductive system. This is where we birth all things from, whether it be babies or new business ventures, this space must be juicy and flowing.


If there is stagnation in this space, it can show up in our bodies so clearly. Stagnation in this area can show up as irregular periods, amenorrhoea (no periods), painful periods, fibroids, endometriosis, difficulty conceiving and frustration. These are all signs of things being stuck whether its blood, tissue or energy. In Chinese medicine whenever there is stagnation in the body, pain arises.


A beautiful way to invite softness into this space is through the creative process. Especially when we are creating simply to experience the process, rather then being concerned with the outcome.

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A $10 donation per person will be given to Save the Children Fund

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